Park Policies

General Policies

  • The Association lakefront property (“Park”), is accessible at all times.
  • Access is limited to a card entry gate during the summer season from May through October. 
  • The Park is staffed during the summer season. Park staff is on duty from 9:00 a.m. to approximately 10:00 p.m.
  • This is a family-oriented Park, and any behavior deemed inappropriate by the Park staff or in violation of any Policies and Procedures will result in being asked to leave the property.
  • Parents not monitoring their children will be directed to leave the Park with their children.
  • Members are requested to help keep the Park clean and to remove all garbage. Bear proof trash cans, as well as dog bags are available.
  • Bikes must be left at the entrance. Bike security is the responsibility of the bike owner.

Water Policies

  • Boats and personal watercraft are not allowed to use the beach area for loading, unloading, or beaching at any time.
  • Swimmers swim at their own risk. No lifeguards are on duty. (Our Park staff are not lifeguards.)
  • All children in the water must be closely monitored by their parents.
  • A swimming area is provided between piers, separating boats and swimmers. Priority is to provide a safe area for swimmers.  Boats and personal watercraft are not allowed in the swim area at any time.
  • Small watercraft (kayaks, standup paddleboards, canoes, non-motorized dinghies) may not be used in the swim area. 
  • Small inflatables are allowed in the swim area, as long as they can be used safely with swimmers.
  • The piers are for access to boats, swimming, fishing and sunbathers. Priority is given to boaters. Sunbathers using the piers should ensure they do not block access to others.
  • Fishing is permitted only in the early morning or in the evening when people are not accessing the piers for boating, sunbathing and/or swimming.
  • Coolers and chairs are allowed on the piers, as long as they do not impede the use of the pier by boaters and other members. An aisle must be kept clear on the piers for normal traffic. 
  • Member boats may use the piers for loading and unloading only. Boats may not be left unattended and never moored at the piers. 

Recreation Equipment and Areas

  • Volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, and bocce ball are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Members and guests may check out recreation equipment from the Park office at the Park entrance with a LTPA membership key card or a driver’s license.
  • Basketball, bocce ball, volleyball and a kid's area are located south of the gate.
  • The Horseshoe pit is located at the north end of the Park 

In order to keep the Park an enjoyable place for all, please don't:

  • Please do not feed the geese or ducks.
  • No rock throwing.
  • Drones are not allowed to operate from the Park.
  • Diving or jumping from the piers is discouraged and is done at one’s own risk. 
  • No rough play on the swim platform. There is a $100 fine for flipping the swim platform.

These policies are from the LTPA Policy and Procedure Manual (2021) which is available here.