Gate Entry

Keys and the Entry Gate

The Association lakefront property is accessed with a key card through the Park's main gate.  Only members, renters, and their guests in possession of a key card are allowed in the Park. 
  • Two key cards are issued to each member.  
  • The key cards are reused again year after year.  
  • The cards are reactivated yearly upon payment of the annual membership assessment.  
  • Two additional key cards may be purchased for an annual cost of $75.00 each. 
  • If you have lost a key card and need a replacement, the General Manager will need the 5-digit number on your remaining key card so that the correct key card can be deactivated.  Replacement key cards cost $75.00.
  • The lock recognizes each key card and opens the gate to all approved cards.

How to Operate

  1. Hold your key card in front of the black key pad.
  2. Wait until you hear a beep and the gate unlocks.
  3. This takes a few seconds for the key card to be recognized and the gate to open.

The above policies are taken from the LTPA Policy and Procedure Manual (2021), which can be viewed here.