Weddings & Large Parties


  • Weddings and Large Parties are defined as 50 or more guests and/or catered events.
  • Allowed at the Association Beach Park property ONLY in the months of May, June, September (after Labor Day Weekend) and October. 
  • Reservations are subject to space availability and may be reserved no more than one year in advance.
  • In order to arrange an event, the wedding or party must be for a member entity or their immediate family. 
    • An immediate family relationship is defined as Grandparent, Parent, Child, Grandchild, Uncle, Aunt, Sibling, Nephew or Niece.
  • Only completed and qualified applications, accompanied by the fees stated below, will be considered for a date confirmation. Any incomplete application or requirements will delay confirmation or forfeit the date requested. 

Reservation Procedure

The following requirements must be met and received and by the Park's General Manager's before your request for a date be considered.
All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis once all requirements are met. Confirmations of your date will be sent by mail and/or e-mail upon approval. Only when a CONFIRMATION OF DATE RECEIPT is received by the applicant will the event be booked for that date.


  • Guests must access the Park through the main gate. 
  • A guest list must be provided to the beach staff prior to the party, and someone in the party must be responsible for letting guests into the park.
  • A vendor list will be required.  (Vendors may make arrangements to access the park through the gates at the north and south ends of the park.)
  • Cleanup is the responsibility of the member entity. All or part of your deposit will be forfeited if there is damage to the park or cleanup is not done.


  • The reservation will include the day of the wedding, rehearsal, photo sessions, and dinner over no more than three consecutive days.
  • Non exclusive use: The north end of the Park and adjacent beach, including the north pier.  Those areas will be designated for wedding use but the Park will not restrict other members from use of those spaces.
  • Exclusive wedding use: The tables within this area and the large barbecue will be reserved exclusively for the wedding party.

Large Parties

  • The onsite use of the property is non-exclusive use of the park and beach area. 
  • Your area needs will be designated as your party site but the Association rules will not permit restricting members from the use of beach, pier, walkways or restrooms. 
  • The large barbecue pit at the north end of the park can be reserved exclusively for your party if needed.

The above policies are taken from the LTPA Policy and Procedure Manual (2021), which can be viewed here.